Sept 21st 2015

El fin de Sam Houston y Glen Loch:(
So the transfer has come to a close and I’m out. Sister Richards and
Weaver are going to do so well here. I’m going to miss everyone so
much! I’m headed far away but I hope to be able to return for Johns
baptism and for the Olartes endowment.
Time went by too fast. The memories have been so sweet and I’m trying
to do my hardest to not let the reality of change sink in. What would
happen if I didn’t show up to transfers??
But I’m excited at the same time. I get to go to the country! I hope
it’s busy, and I know it will be because we are covering a couple
campus’s up there (or at least thats the word on the street). We are
by A&M and work with a family ward. Tyse is going to have to give me
all the tips and advice of the working in the country. BBQs every
This week has been amazing.
I spent Tuesday through Thursday in Conroe. We had a great exchange
and learned a lot from one another. Friday we had district meeting and
then went and played ultimate frisbee on campus. 11 non members came!
Our numbers are climbing! We also taught John in the Blacks home. We
had a great lesson about the war in heaven and commandments. John is
gold. He knows everything.
Saturday we went to the ward party with him. Every reached out to him
and fellowshipped him well. Glen Loch is amazing!
We went down town to go contact some young single adults. The YSA ward
needs more people further south. We had some success. The sisters
loved it. They haven’t been down town yet.
We went to the temple sat morning with Kevin for his first time. It
was so nice to be in the temple:) he loved it and just soaked it all
up. It was just as powerful as his baptism. He only did temple names.
He will just love taking his family names. He has a few almost ready.
Sunday was great. Sacrament meeting was very inspiring and we had a
few people come unexpectedly. I just love surprises like that! I got
to say good bye to a lot of people. I got a lot of pics. We had the
temple tours last night. John came and the Zeyer family brought him.
It was so good! He asked so many inspired questions! President
Mortensen talked with him and John told him how excited he was to get
baptized on the 10th. President just built him up so well. I can’t
wait till I am as personable as president Mortensen. You just know you
are loved when he talks to you.
So I was sitting in Zoe’s Kitchen having lunch wit Quynh and my comps
when I got an email from mom. We looked at it and yikes! it was my
itinerary. That was a scary thought. Everyone is giving me a hard time
that my time is short. I think I’m just never coming home.. But yet
I’m excited, I miss yall!
You should just all move out here:)
I love you and hope you have a good week!
Sister Jeppson

John with the red tie. Zeyer family.

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